Trying to “Get Past Perfect”: Take One Step Forward Today

Kate Wicker wrote a book for those of us who have never quite been able to attain to ‘perfect’. I read this great interview with Kate Wicker at Aleteia 

It was a great encouragement as I sipped coffee this morning. Mothers, befriend yourself. Be kind to yourself. Do something for yourself today that fills your heart with happiness. Living in anxiety, comparing yourself to others and self-criticism is a recipe for weariness and discouragement.

The idolatry of perfection is empty and starves our souls. If you are starving spiritually today or struggling with the malaise and distress of the pressure to be ‘perfect’, today is the day to surrender! Today, we celebrate St. Rita Cascia. What a great day to give yourself over to God’s grace and see yourself as a joyful and vibrant woman who is surrendered to God’s love. Living authentically requires us to walk in God’s grace and to renounce fear and worry.  What a huge relief it is when we choose to enjoy God’s perfection. It is truly liberating.

St. Rita, pray for us.



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