Life is like an ice-cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time. — Charles M. Schulz

The Church harmonizes beauty and truth in the natural and the supernatural, sanctifying months and days. In this sense, ordinary days can be lived with extraordinary joy and hope. In the Church, June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. If May is Mary’s month, it makes perfect sense that the spring days of May precede the month that honors the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Ordinary days and encounters with others can be sanctified by God’s grace—imbued with God’s love. Every day is full of mystery, wonder and redemption. In the long and delightful days of summer, we naturally seek happy times and gatherings which bring families and friends together. We were made to share good things and good times. Human beings are by nature social.

In the little things we can enjoy a glimpse of God’s goodness—ice cream shared with friends, a moment of solitude on a cool evening walk, or a family BBQ. Summer beckons us to celebration and the goodness of God and the beauty of truth.

While we might have strong opinions on the best flavor of ice cream, we cannot really say that truth comes in a variety of flavors, as relativism proposes. The internal logic of relativism melts under the heat of reason. Trent Horn’s post on truth and ice cream is a great read, to understand why faith and reason are not equivalent to “flavors” or feelings about truth. Unlike ice cream, truth and goodness are eternal. But ice cream does give us great joy to be grateful.

The simple pleasure of homemade ice cream offers us an ordinary moment to thank God (he created dairy cows!). But seriously, God’s goodness is offered to us in such simple pleasures. June is also National Dairy month. So, why not? Truth and ice cream are a great combination. Kids and adults agree.

Your inner child called and wants ice cream for dinner. Here is a tried-and-true recipe for homemade ice cream.  Enjoy. Play. Celebrate.




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