About Sarah

My personal motto is “strong faith, strong coffee”. I am a freelance writer, graduate student in bioethics, and a wife and mother. I have worked as a paralegal, contract administrator and IT recruiter but “mom” is my favorite title. My husband is an IT maverick by day and a flannel-loving woodsman on weekends. I love horses, dogs and chickens. We have three teen-aged children and a 90-lbs. English Labrador Retriever who eats everything except blackberries. I believe every woman should have a pair of “brave girl” boots and be prepared to meet for coffee. My writer’s bio and published writings can be found here.


This blog is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Theotokos, God bearer, who in her divine maternity reveals the beauty and fullness of motherhood, womanhood and friendship with God. I would like to think that Mary might have worn “brave girl” boots sometimes, too.