Childhood Pic

That’s me in the black plaid dress just before Church one Sunday. I was a dreamer with a bad overbite, for which I wore a nighttime orthodontic appliance (thanks to my British ancestry–oh, bugger!). It’s a good thing that the Croatian side of the family gave me a hearty sense of humor and the French genetics, a palate for red wine, as an adult (of course).

Growing up in a Catholic family in Denver, Colorado, my five siblings and I ate a lot of spaghetti and had to be imaginative. Growing up is never easy. Later in life, an unplanned pregnancy and miscarriage were the events that led me to encounter God’s love and mercy Here is my story.

God’s merciful love comes to us in curious ways. We can live the happy ending, now. “Do not be afraid” to rejoice and bloom. 

They meet with joy and gladness, sorrow and mourning flee away. (Isaiah 35:10)